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December 2020

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Why The COVID-19 Vaccine Should Be Avoided At All Cost

Critics warn about the risks of large-scale injury and other health-related consequences that could result from a largely untested vaccine that is suddenly injected into millions...

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December 2020


For many years a small group of people (we call them the ENEMY) have conspired to take control of the World. It started out in 1900 with Cecil Rhodes ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, it is now rapidly progressing, via 'BUILD BACK BETTER' and the 'GREAT RESET, to become the 'NEW WORLD ORDER'

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16th November 2020

‘Masks are destroying the social fabric’

Lionel Shriver on the terrible cost of our illogical Covid restrictions.

2020 has been dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The UK is in its second national lockdown, the US will soon have a pro-lockdown president, and numerous other countries are under strict restrictions. Trials for a vaccine have produced promising results, but it will be some time before widespread inoculation can be achieved. With no immediate end in sight, masks, closures, working from home and bans on gathering are all becoming part of the New Normal.

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6th November 2020

Britain's government is exploiting fear to suit its actions, whether on Covid or terrorism
By Simon Jenkins

The last refuge of the populist – the politics of fear – is being shamelessly deployed by both Priti Patel and Boris Johnson.

"The home secretary told me this week that I faced a terrorist threat that was “severe” and an incident that was “highly likely”. I should be “alert”, she said. What is the difference between likely and highly likely? Should I fear to leave home? Should I run for my life if I see a man with a backpack? Priti Patel also tells me to be “not alarmed”. So why does she try to scare me? Is she on the terrorists’ side?"

...With Covid-19, Boris Johnson, very reasonably, initially opposed a return to the blanket lockdown policy. But when his scientists had him in a corner last week he had to turn to fear to justify his U-turn. He threatened that “several thousand people a day would die” – 4,000 was widely quoted – if he did not proceed to a lockdown across England.

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23rd October 2020

COVID-19 lockdowns are in lockstep with the ‘Great Reset’

By Mathew Maavak

In October 2019, a pandemic simulation exercise called Event 201 – a collaborative effort between Johns Hopkins  Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – concluded that a hypothetical new coronavirus may end up killing at least 65 million people worldwide within 18 months of an outbreak.

When COVID-19 coincidentally emerged from Wuhan two months later, scientists were rushing to generate similar alarmist forecasts using a variety of questionable scientific models. Researchers from the Imperial College London, for instance, approximated death tolls of 500,000 (UK) and two million (USA) by October this year. To those following the metastasis of the global vaccine mania, the Imperial model was predictably “tidied up” with the help of Microsoft.

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November 2020

This is a Meeting Privately Recorded in Edmondon Alberta Canada



world war III is here