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Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley CB DSO PhD MA FRHistS

The Korean War Battlefield Tour - The first conflict of the Nuclear Age - (Date TBA)

national army museumAn unrivalled comprehensive Korean War tour Led by military historian and former British officer, Lt Gen Jonathon Riley

The 13 Day Tour focuses on the Korean War... a journey takes us through some tranquil idyllic landscapes: pine-clad hills and mountains; emerald-green rice-paddies; stunning mist-shrouded coast-lines; glorious spring gardens. Experience the KTX ‘bullet’ train, cross vast waterways over modern awe-inspiring bridges and explore the heart of pulsating, glittering Seoul where 5000 years of tradition seamlessly intertwines with the modern. Visit magnificent palaces dating from medieval times, see classical wooden ‘hanok’ homes, savour international and local cuisine and immerse yourself in Korean culture and heritage.

Get close to North Korea in the Demilitarised Zone or DMZ, explore North Korean Infiltration tunnels and learn about the latest negotiations between the two countries.

The tour will be accompanied by military historian and former infantryman Lt-Gen (Ret’d) Jonathon Riley who was Deputy Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan (2007) and has recently published his biography of General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley, the much feted 1 Gloucester’s adjutant at the Imjin.

  • Visit the DMZ to gaze across into North Korea and immerse yourself in Korean culture, cuisine and history
  • Explore medieval palaces and spectacular parks and gardens
  • Attend the 70th commemorations of The Battle of the Imjin River


Day 1 - Fly London to Seoul, arriving following day.

Day 2 - Arrive Seoul E

Day 3 - Osan Look at the first engagement of the war (5 Jul 1950)

Day 4 - Dabudong and Daegu En-route to Busan we stop at the Dabudong War Memorial Museum

Day 5 - Goeje Cross the remarkable eight km-long Geoga bridge/tunnel to Goeje Island

Day 6 - Defence of Pusan (4 Aug – 18 Sep 1950)

Day 7 - Seoul A full day exploring the centre of this vibrant city

Day 8 - Inchon Landings (10 Sep 1950)

Day 9 - Chipyung and Kapyong From the UN monument see where French/American forces halted the Chinese advance at Chipyong (13-15 Feb 51)

Day 10 - The Imjin River Drive to Solma-ri where, on the hills looking down upon the Imjin River

Day 11 - Attrition Visit the Chulwon Peace Observatory

Day 12 - DMZ Subject to access being granted - see the Memorial to Korean War Abductees, The Last Train Out and The Bridge of Freedom - explore the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel

Day 13 - Home

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