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Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley CB DSO PhD MA FRHistS

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Lt Gen Jonathon Riley outlines in detail why having control of our national defence is, as he puts it, ‘a catastrophic risk.’ He explains how the May government has sought to lock Britain into various EU structures created in order to establish control of Europe’s defence by the EU Commission – these structures include the European Defence Fund, the European Defence Agency and the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) mechanism. He references both the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration which make it clear which treaty obligations the UK is tied in to.


Lt General Riley Explains How the EU is taking over the UK's Defence and Intelligence Capabilities

Explore the forgotten story of WW1’s second Christmas truce and the Royal Welch Fusiliers.

Much has been written about the 1914 truce which saw a series of unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front, including from the 2nd Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers.

Soldiers crossed battlefields to exchange seasonal greetings, food and souvenirs. Prisoner swaps and joint burials took place and, perhaps most famously, men played football with one another.

A year later and Allied commanders gave explicit orders to prevent a repeat. However, a small number of truces occurred, once again involving a Royal Welch battalion.


WW1’s SECOND Christmas Truce
AIL gadoediad y Nadolig yn ystod y RhB1af

Lieutenant-General Riley, a former commander in the Royal Welch Fusiliers and now military historian, brings both truces to life through the eyes and stories of Welsh officers and men involved, offering some of the most valuable accounts of what happened on the field of battle.

Ysgrifennwyd cryn dipyn am gadoediad 1914 pan roddwyd y gorau i’r brwydro’n answyddogol mewn nifer o ardaloedd ar y Ffrynt Gorllewinol, ac roedd Ail Fataliwn y Ffiwsilwyr Brenhinol Cymreig yn rhan o’r cadoediad hwn.

Croesodd y milwyr faes y gad i gyfnewid cyfarchion y tymor, bwyd a rhoddion. Cafodd carcharorion eu cyfnewid a chladdwyd y meirw gyda’i gilydd. Y rhan fwyaf cyfarwydd o’r cadoediad efallai, yw hanes y milwyr yn chwarae pêl-droed gyda’i gilydd. Flwyddyn yn ddiweddarach, rhoddodd cadlywyddion y Cynghreiriad orchymyn pendant i atal hyn rhag digwydd eto. Er hyn, cafwyd ambell gadoediad ac, unwaith eto, roedd rhai o filwyr y Ffiwsilwyr Brenhinol yn rhan o’r hanes.

Bydd yr Is-gadfridog Riley, un o gyn gadlywyddion y Ffiwsilwyr Brenhinol Cymreig, sydd bellach yn hanesydd milwrol, yn dod â’r ddau gadoediad yn fyw drwy lygaid a hanesion swyddogion a milwyr o Gymru, gan gyflwyno rhai o’r disgrifiadau mwyaf gwerthfawr o’r hyn ddigwyddodd ar faes y gad.


In Parenthesis | Jonathon Riley Interview

"In Parenthesis" is young British composer Iain Bell's adaptation of the epic poem by Welsh poet, writer and artist David Jones.

In this interview, Military Historian Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley, former Commanding Officer of the 1st Royal Welch Fusiliers, talks about David Jones and what life would have been like in the trenches.


"In Parenthesis"


Jonathon Riley discusses Isaac Brock
BBC Radio Guernsey

As preparations are underway to erect a permanent memorial to Isaac Brock on the Island of Guernsey, Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley, gives his views on this outstanding Military Leader and his heroic defence of Upper Canada, where he led a small force of British Regulars, in alliance with the Canadian Militias and First Nations warriors. 

brock exhibitionLt-Gen Riley opens the Brock Exhibition



BBC Radio Interview


War of Words:
Soldier-Poets of The Somme

Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley, as a Military Historian, took part in BBC's "War of Words", part of the WW1 Commemorations.

This Documentary looks at life in the trenches, and the men who fought side by side, through the poetry and prose of (among others) Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves, among others.


BBC Documentary: War of Words



Lemkin Seminar Series
Genocide Prevention Seminar for U.S. Army

As a visiting Professor of War Studies, Jonathon Riley took part in this Seminar.

The Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation (AIPR), in partnership with the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, brings U.S. Army officers from the Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to the Holocaust site of Auschwitz in Poland for education in preventing mass atrocities and protecting civilians during military operations.


Lemkin Seminar


Richard Blunt in conversation with
Lt. Gen. Jonathon Riley

The 2014 Conflict, Security and Development Conference 'Organised Crime in Conflict Zones' took place on March 6 2014 at the Great Hall of the Strand Campus, King's College London (United Kingdom).

Lt. Gen. Jonathon Riley participated on the panel 'The Conflict-Crime Nexus'.


Interview - King's College London


In a televised interview in 2011, Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley gives his thoughts on how history will judge our involvement in Iraq...


On the day US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta arrived in Baghdad to formally end the nearly nine-year war in Iraq, Kate Gerbeau spoke to Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley who was the Commander of Multinational Division South East in Iraq from 2004 to 2005 and also helped set up the new Iraqi Army working alongside the Americans.



"The Sun Sets Over Iraq "