from pole to pole by jonathon riley

From Pole To Pole by Jonathon Riley

The Life of Quintin Riley


from pole to poleQuintin RileyQuintin Riley, a close friend of the Explorer Gino Watkins, took part in three polar expeditions during the 1930s at the very end of the heroic age of discovery, when sailing ships and dog sledges were being superseded by aircraft and motors. He thus became one of only five men to have been awarded the Polar Medal with both Arctic and Antarctic clasps. He was with Watkins at the time of his death in Greenland in 1932 and then spent three years in the Antarctic.

During the Second World War he was one of the founders of Special Operations, serving in Norway in 1940 and then with No 14 Commando and the training organisation in Scotland and Iceland, before commanding No 30 Commando – the Intelligence Assault Unit – in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and the Balkans.

After the war he helped rescue polar archives in Central Europe, advised on film making and searched for the Loch Ness Monster. This is the third edition of Quintin’s life by Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley – the first was in 1985 and the second in 1998 – and it contains a wealth of new material released into the public domain, along with many more photographs and illustrations. It is published by Golden Duck.

360 pages | 100+ black and white photos and maps

ISBN 1871999030


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